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The tavern, with Konrad Litfin in the center, circa 1965

Children playing at the Berlin Wall with the tavern in the background, 15 May 1963

The History of an Iconic Bar

The illustrated volume "100 Jahre Henne" [100 Years of Henne] by Klaus Sommerfeld and Wolfgang Chodan was published on the occasion of the bar's 100th year. A large number of (in some cases historic) photographs and sweeping text tell the exciting story of this traditional "old-style Berlin tavern." The lists of people who came to the tavern over the years for food and fun include Hans Albers and Harald Juhnke. A treasure trove of illustrations to keep or to use as a gift.

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Konrad Litfin serves guests at the sector boundary, circa 1956. He is standing on the "emergency road" in the American sector, while the guests are standing in the Soviet sector.

John F. Kennedy


35th President of the US

The remains of demolished homes combine with the Wall form the border with the Mitte District in East Berlin, April 1974

Rosa Litfin

(1916 - 1988)

Barkeeper, 1968 – 1980

Leuschnerdamm 25
10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Telefon 030 – 614 77 30
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