Over 100 Years of Hospitality
"Henne" opened on 24 June 1908 under the name "Wirtshaus zur Hirschecke." The building on Leuschnerdamm 25, where "Henne" is located today, was built in 1888 as a residential building for the middle class.
Only at "Henne" you can find the legendary crispy fried chicken, prepared according to a secret recipe, which is served with the unmistakable potato salad and cole slaw.
The end of the war: the ruins of a destroyed city and a new beginning in a divided city with "Henne" in the middle, next to the Berlin Wall. As time went on, "Henne" participated in Germany's economic miracle and witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall (five meters away).
Leuschnerdamm 25
10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Telefon 030 – 614 77 30
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